Website Design

Conant Correct builds websites using the popular and highly versatile WordPress software as a foundation, and then customizes themes to fit your specific business image and target audience. Whether you need a new site built from scratch, your existing site updated, or just need monthly management of your site, Conant Correct can work with you and your budget.

Writing & Editing

From start to finish or any point in between, any content that is seen by your employees or your customers can benefit from a skilled editor’s eye. Think of Conant Correct as your quality assurance person for all your online or print communications.

About Conant Correct

Conant Correct is owned by Claire Conant, a seasoned professional experienced in website content, design, layout, usability, technical and business communications, and more. Learn more about her extensive professional background spanning more than thirty years.

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With Conant Correct as your partner in communications, you get the benefit of over thirty years of communications experience.

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“Claire is super bright and an amazingly versatile writer and editor. In a professional situation Claire is upbeat, detail oriented, fast thinking and provides solutions that she believes are the best possible solution to a clients needs.”

~ Jonah Sterling, Principal UX Manager, Microsoft


“Claire has a broad range of writing, editing and managing capabilities that are flexible enough to allow her to scale up or down and fit any project or company circumstance. I would recommend Claire to anyone with technical writing or content management needs.”

~ Robb Nielsen, Vice President User Experience, Concur Technologies


“Claire is a highly motivated and talented technical communicator. Claire radiates a positive attitude that tends to motivate all those around her. She is a problem solver and applies rational solutions to realistic challenges. As her manager, I always knew I could count on Claire to deliver, and welcome the opportunity to work with her again in any capacity.”

~ Gerald Ferry, Program Manager, Microsoft

Contact information

Conant Correct is a website design, content writing and editing company, owned and operated by Claire Conant.
Services include (but are not limited to)  writing, editing, website design, website analysis, usability, information architecture, and general content project management and consulting.

Phone: 503.344.6198

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