Website Design

Conant Correct specializes in the design and development of websites for small- to medium-sized businesses using the popular and versatile WordPress software and content management system. A few of the services that Conant Correct offers are:

  • New layout and design
  • Redesign of existing websites
  • Transfer existing sites to a responsive WordPress theme with customizations
  • Logos and header graphics
  • Installation of e-commerce software
  • E-commerce shop design and product page set up
  • Edit and update existing website content

Read on for a bit more detail or contact Claire now to get a free 15-minute consultation.

Web Site Services

Create a new site: Every business needs an online presence. Building on the WordPress platform, Conant Correct will customize layout and design to your specific needs. Services can be customized to meet your timeline and budget.

Update existing content and/or layout: Look to Conant Correct to take your existing content and give it a fresh polish, or transfer and customize your old website layout to today’s new and necessary responsive formats. A responsive format is a page that will scale and re-flow the content based on the device on which it is being used.

Ongoing maintenance: You’re busy and often keeping  a website updated with fresh content can get pushed to the back burner. Conant Correct can be your go-to person to handle all your website maintenance needs, to make sure your site stays up to date, and to add pages and sections as you need in a timely and efficient manner. Conant Correct also offers consultation packages for training and education so you can manage your website yourself, if that’s you’re goal.


When to Hire Conant Correct

Starting out? Wherever you are in the process of building your online presence, Conant Correct will consult with you to identify your needs, develop a plan and layout draft, and review all changes with you before publishing your site live to the Internet.  If you don’t know how to get started with hosting and domain name registration, Conant Correct can guide you in that process too.

Need a change? If you already have a website, if it’s decades or only years old, it could probably do with a fresh look. Technology changes and likely old sites are not looking so good on modern iPads and smartphones. Stale content also gives prospective customers and clients the wrong impression.

Putting on the finishing touches? Are you confident and successful building your site yourself but need a skilled editor’s eye to review your content? Conant Correct can help with that as well.

Think of Conant Correct as your communications counselor.

Guiding you through the process from start to finish, or jumping in at any time.

Let's communicate.