What Do We Do?

“What exactly do you do?” I get asked this question often, mostly because my business name, Conant Correct, isn’t obvious as to the work I do. I tell people I’m a writer, editor, and a website designer. That’s the short answer because essentially, if it involves words (online or print), I can probably help you. My background and experience is extensive and wide, but mostly I specialize in business-to-business and business-to-consumer content, printed and online. I don’t work on manuscripts or books, but I can refer you to respected colleagues who do.

Website Development and Design

I design customized websites based on WordPress software, including writing original content or editing your content. I have been developing websites since the mid-1990s, beginning with hand-coded HTML, and then graduating to Dreamweaver and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software. I have written technical content for PeopleSoft human resources systems and RoboHelp help systems. I’ve worked on teams to design, build, maintain SharePoint intranets, and have been a content manager for Microsoft’s human resources intranet.

Writing and Editing

I write and edit business content (marketing, technical, or consumer). The vast majority of my career has been working with business content for companies such as Pepsi, AT&T Wireless, Microsoft, as well as smaller consulting firms and retail businesses in their Human Resources or Information Technology departments. I specialize in both technical writing/editing and marketing writing/editing. I am a translator of sorts. I can translate and synthesize (smooth out) content from complex industry-specific terminology and verbiage into easily digestible content that even your mom will understand. Writing for you can involve starting from scratch – either by interviewing you or your subject matter or doing research and drafting content – to taking your initial drafts and reworking them so they flow into a smooth document. This goes hand-in-hand with writing. This is the polish that gets placed on the content. There are three levels of editing that your content may need and I can help you determine which you need.

  • Substantive edit (or developmental edit): This is where we take your first finished draft and look at organization, tone, clarity, accuracy, and adherence to style (either your house style or industry standards, such as Chicago Manual of Style or Associated Press Stylebook.)
  • Copy edit: This focuses on editing content that is fully developed or near completion and reviews the content for overall document formatting, clarity and comprehension, grammar, consistency, fact checking, and more.
  • Proofread edit: This is a high-level edit that corrects indisputable errors only. This is the quality control step before a document is published.

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