When Should You Hire Us?

Web Site Services

To create a new site: We build websites on the popular WordPress software and customize the site to your specific needs. Whether you already have a domain or are just starting out, we can help you. Have a blog or want to start a custom blog? Need a shop added to your blog? We can help.

Update existing content and/or layout: We can work with your site to edit your content and provide a fresh perspective to your marketing content. We have a unique ability to take highly technical content and make it digestible by any reader, regardless of the reader’s technical background or knowledge.

Ongoing maintenance, management, and updates: Let us be your go-to person to handle all your website maintenance needs. We’ll make sure your site stays up to date, add pages and sections as you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Document Formatting and Layout

When your content is ready for publication: We can format and prepare your documents for publication, either online or printed. Skilled in many programs, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PDF, and even Microsoft Publisher, we can format and prepare your content for delivery via any method you typically use. Claire is also skilled and trained in document design and layout, and can offer advice or create custom layouts.

Writing and Editing Services

At the beginning of a project or document: We’ll provide feedback on usability, design, formatting. and the overall structure of the content. We can draft content from your raw material if you haven’t yet started, take engineering notes and write a procedural guide, or perform a substantive (developmental) edit to draft content, checking for a number of things such as technical accuracy, consistency across your content, adherence to house style, and so on. We’ll guide you through the editorial review process and advise you on changes we suggested or required, and work hard to ensure your voice is maintained.

When content is nearly completed: You’ve taken your content through multiple internal reviews with stakeholders, such as legal and marketing, and it’s nearly final. Hire us to perform a solid, deep review of the content to ensure that it is grammatically correct, free of unnecessary jargon and clichés, and concise enough that your message gets to the reader clearly. We’ll check facts and verify references, make sure tables and figures are properly placed and annotated.

At the end of the project: All earlier edits have been approved and incorporated. All stakeholders have signed off and made any last minute changes. We’ll proofread the content to make sure that no embarrassing mistakes exist (like its versus it’s, insure versus ensure, and so on) that only a skilled editorial eye would catch.

Think of Conant Correct as your communications counselor. We can guide you through the entire content or web site development process from start to finish, or we can jump in at any time. Contact us for a free consultation.