Writing & Editing

Conant Correct as a business name came out of the word “content”, which, interestingly enough was the mispronunciation of my last name, Conant. So when it comes to content, I work hard to make it “correct” for you. Whether it’s online content, blog posts, marketing slogans, sales sheets, press releases, and other business-to-business or business-to-consumer content – these types of content, and more, these are the areas where Conant Correct can add value to your business.


Writing & Editing Services

Conant Correct specializes in business-to-business and business-to-consumer content, online or printed. We write and/or edit business content – marketing, technical, or consumer – for small- to medium-sized businesses. We can take your specialized content and synthesize it into content even your mom would be able to understand. Or we can just polish up your content with a light copy edit.

There are three levels of editing that your content may need, and we can help you determine the right option:

Substantive edit (or developmental edit): We take your first finished draft and look at it for organization, tone, clarity, accuracy, and, for web content, effectiveness for search engine optimization.

Copy edit: This focuses on editing content that is fully developed and nearing completion, and reviews the content for overall document formatting, clarity and comprehension, grammar, consistency, fact checking, and more.

Proofread edit: This is a high-level edit that corrects indisputable errors only, but may query content that could be questionable. This is the quality control step before content is published.



When to Hire Conant Correct

At the beginning of a project: We can provide feedback on content usability, design, formatting, and the overall structure of your content. We can draft content from your raw material if you haven’t yet started writing. We can also perform a substantive (developmental) edit to your draft content, and check for technical accuracy, consistency of messaging across all content, and adherence to your house style. We review changes with you and ensure that it is your voice, your message, your product that the user reads.

When content is nearly completed: You’ve taken your content through multiple reviews with your company stakeholders, such as legal and marketing, and it’s nearly final. Hire us to perform a solid, deep review of the content to ensure that it is grammatically correct, free of unnecessary jargon and cliches, and concise enough that your message gets to the reader clearly. We’ll help you make sure that your web content is appropriately written to be noticed by search engines.

At the end of the project: All earlier edits have been approved and incorporated. All stakeholders have signed off and made any last minute changes. We’ll proofread and be your quality assurance person before any content is published either online or in print.

Ongoing updates: Whether you have new product or services to offer your customers or clients, if you need blog posts (ghost) written or edited, or have new pages you want to add, we can help you with a custom ongoing maintenance schedule.


Think of Conant Correct as your communications counselor.

We can guide you through the process from start to finish, or we can jump in at any time.


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